Broken Sword 1 on Palm E2

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Broken Sword 1 on Palm E2

Post by mrb256 »

I am trying to get Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars
to run on a Palm Tungsten E2. This would be really cool, but I am running into a bit of trouble and would appreciate any help that anyone could offer.

I'm getting a malloc error when I try to play the game...
caption>> ScummVM Fatal Error
message>> MemMan::alloc(): Can't alloc 766575 bytes of memory.

When scummVM comes up I select the entry that I made for BS1,
then click start.
- A msg says importing databases, please wait
- Then white screen with tiny writing shows up too briefly to read it.
- Then i get the malloc error and when I click Exit it goes back to the applications screen

Does this mean that the E2 does not have enough heap to run Broken sword? Or do I need to do something to free up more
of the heap memory? I thought I read somewhere that BS1 was compat with E2.

Here's the Memory info from the about screen:
free total
dynamic 3506 6144
storage 21164 30480
stack - 3

scummVM version is 0.10.0

Settings for game:
Entry Name: Broken Sword 1
Path: BrokenSword1/
Game: sword1
Engine: Broken Sword I

Memory Card Setup(1 GB SD card)
*.clu - 14 of these

*.wav - 252 wav files

(SPEECH2.CLU) absent - not enough room on card


Cutscenes? I downloaded themm but am not sure where I should
put them so I left them out for now.


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Post by glokidd »


Unfortunately BS 1 and 2 are not yet supported on the E2 afaik due to its lack of Hi-res+ support :( I also have this handy little gadget but unfortunatly its not capable of running the hi-res games :(

Sorry :(

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Post by clem »

there is, however, a dedicated PalmOS version of BS1 for sale:

if it's compatible with that individual device I cannot say though

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