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Port to Palm Z22

Post by matonga »

Please read all the post before replying :wink:

I'm the owner of a Palm Z22, and would like to know about possible technical problems to port ScummVM to that model, to run small games (such as The Secret of Monkey Island).

Specs. are:

20 Mb of space available.
No expansion card support.
Unknown heap space (sorry).
160x160 display, 4K color.
ARM processor, 200 MHz.

I know a 320x320 display is required, but I do program in C/C++ , Pascal, 80x86 asm, etc... and wouldn't bother learning to program a Palm, so my proposal is to get some hints and help to write:

A program to convert game files (must have the original game, of course) to .pdb files, and get ScummVM for Palm to use them (I don't know if this is implemented).

A display emulation mode which downscale a 320x200x8bit screen to 160x100x12bit screen.

I'm mostly interested in how to know the max. heap space limit for my palm model, and if 200 MHz is too little for the virtual machine to run.

I post this because I did a search for "palm z22" (without quotes of course) and didn't find anything...

Please forgive my english :oops:



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