Sony PEG-UX50 is unsuppported but obviously works?

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Sony PEG-UX50 is unsuppported but obviously works?

Post by clcfr » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:13 am

Since I could not find any information about the UX50 except that is is unsupported, I would like to post my experience with it.
I installed version 0.10.0 and tested it with PC Version of Monkey Island 1 and 2. It works nice, speed is OK no chrashes so far. Sound doesnt seem to work, although i might be doing something wrong. hal9k posted some problem regarding no widescreen support on his Tungsten TX, the same behavior occurs on the UX50. "Turning on wide+fullscreen brings me a 320x200 screen with the keyboard area (even rotating my screen and hiding the keyboard prior launching scummvm)."
Regarding the screen resolution on hal9k's TX this is what the Wiki says by the way,

I just do not understand why the UX50 is unsupported, I mean, this is some OS project, and i do not expect anything mor than some community support or documantation. this "unsupported" in red, looks like "doenst work for sure" , why is this? and were can i find this non arm version the wiki talks about? does it work any better? shouldn't the wiki be corrected to something like at least: UX50, unsupported but works?

furthermore id like to ask if theres anyone around that knows of a (non arm?) version that supports landscape mode? and when i'm already here asking does anyone know about enabling sound on the UX50.

whatever, i am already happy to be able to play Monkey Island at all. still, any input for improvement is apreciated.


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Post by glokidd » Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:58 am

Hello :D
Previous releases of scummvm for palmos can be found here at chrilith's site.
I personally am completly unfamiliar with the UX50 but perhaps i can help with the sound. with a game selected click on the menu bar and select sound and music or touch the speaker icon. check the box that says enable music, leave the driver at default and select what type of quality you want for your sound-click done (i think).

im not sure if any of that will help but hopefully it will

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Post by fingolfin » Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:42 am

This might simply be a case of an outdated wiki page. I am sure Chrilith will eventually get to updating it.

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Post by clcfr » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:20 pm

hey glokidd, thanks for the link! will try them if i find some time.
Found out about the sound problem. Actually sound works fine at that build. it just seems, that in my monkey island versions there is no music included. sfx is, and works. i thought them to be amiga versions, but they are not. My fault. Sorry.

however, i can encourage clie ux50 users to install scumm, at least older scumm games (tried Monkey1 Monkey2 and Indiana Jones so far) seem to work fine.

However, should someone stumble upon this thread whos gotan idea how to enable fullscreen mode i'd be glad for some note.

I will post further compatibility info as soon as i played enough... 8)


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