Music oddity on Palm T|X

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Music oddity on Palm T|X

Post by Sakkra »

I just recently got a Palm T|X, and of course installed the latest version of ScummVM (Tic Tac Toe edition) and am having a minor annoyance.

When using the launcher, i get no music, seemingly no matter what settings are used, voices (Indy, Sam and Max) work just fine.

I can just hit start and choose engine then use the classic UI and play that way, I get music, but cannot seem to get the overall sound quality on par as from the launcher.

Launcher sound settings:

Enable sound: On
Mixed Adlib/Midi mode: on
Driver: Default
Quality: high
Rate: 44khz

Classic UI

Music Driver: Default
Output Rate 44khz
Mixed Adlib/Midi mode: on

Any suggestions?

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Post by Runesr »

I experienced the same using the new 0.11.0 port on my T5, thus this port may have inherited the problem from 0.10 - try using the mods from 0.9.1, then both music and sound FX should work (but unfortunately there are other problems with 0.9.1).

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