Treo 755p - Suggestions and Issues

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yeah yeah
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Treo 755p - Suggestions and Issues

Post by yeah yeah »

just tried the tic-tac-toe version on the new treo 755p. the display comes out their are black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. police quest 1 froze up on me earlier. my main concern, can you map the cursor keys to the d-pad? it can make this almost perfect for the treo.

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Post by CountBuggula »

I've also been playing on the 755 for awhile now, and have a few issues I'd like to share.

I'm running 0.10.0.

The 5-way only moves the mouse curser. This is both annoying and unnecessary on a platform that relies on touchscreen technology. Since we all have a touchscreen, the 5-way should be mapped to the keyboard arrows instead, which would make some games (especailly Sierra AGI, which were designed with that method) much easier.

I can understand the need for a visual mouse pointer in some circumstances (right clicking), but it would be really nice to have an option to turn it off.

The menu button at the bottom of the Treo keyboard doesn't access the in-game menu, and neither does hard-button 4. The only way to access it is holding the solid square symbol button (bottom left of keyboard) and pressing hard-button 4 (in the case of the 755 it's Home).

Those few changes would make AGI games especially much more playable.

Full-screen stretched support would be nice too. All those features were available in the old Sarien version that merged with ScummVm. While stability and compatibility are much improved, it's too bad it feels like a step backward in ease of use.

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