IJ Atlantis and Monkey Island 2 crashes on Tungsten E

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IJ Atlantis and Monkey Island 2 crashes on Tungsten E

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I just tried the scummVM 0.9.1 and 0.10.0 with my DOS versions (german) of "Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis" and "Monkey Island 2". Both games crash at the start with an error "MemoryMgr.c, Line:2757, MemMove to NULL" :(

The engine writes a logfile to the SD card where there is a message about an out of memory error.

Indy crashes immediately after showing the Lucas Arts startup screen.

Monkey Island comes with the copy protection screen, after that shows the startup sequence with guybrush hangig above the cage and then crashes at switching to the next scene.

I have a Tungsten E with PalmOS 5.2.1. Free Memory is 20.8M

Any idea what is the problem?

Thank you

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I can't tell for sure but the available memory you are referring to is your "storage memory", but ScummVM needs a certain amount of "dynamic or heap memory" (afaik it's completely wrong to compare it with Harddisk(storage) and RAM(heap) in a PC, but it helps me getting a picture in my Head).
I'm making a SWAG (super wild ass guess - thank god for dictionaries) by saying you got not enough dynamic heap.

Since I got only a Sony Palm, and since I killed it a few days ago I can't tell you were your Device holds the proper info about your free dynamic memory.

The painful way to do this is hard resetting your Palm and only install ScummVM. If it works, this was either a dynamic memory problem or another programm interferred in some way with ScummVM.
Another way of doing this could be UDMH (or so) but its not free and it can crash your Palm - leaving you a hard reset as the only option.

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