Palm TX reset, with the Scumm 0.10.0svn if i use the OS5 adv

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Palm TX reset, with the Scumm 0.10.0svn if i use the OS5 adv

Post by Wolverine_DH »


my Palm TX reset with the ScummVM 0.10.0svn if i use the
OS5 advanced Mode in the Misc and select a engine!
If i not select the OS5 advanced Mode it run (very slow).
Touche´ is not playable!

With the V. 0.9.1 i have no problems!

I hope you can fix it!


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Post by Ransch »

same happens for me
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Post by Chrilith »

yes this mode will work only on very few devices, forget about it - I'll remove it
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Post by cartman »

I have exactly the same problem with my lifedrive... :cry:
And if I don't activate os5 mode, I don't have music.
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Post by alt236 »

Before 0.10.0svn it worked on my TX on some games but it crashed others.

Is it possible to make it a per game setting instead of global?
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