4 gigabyte SD card slow?

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What size sd card do you use for your SCUMM VM games?

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1 gigabyte
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4 gigabyte SD card slow?

Post by aaaltomare »

so i've been using scummvm on a Palm TX for about a week. I've had only one problem (junk found in a line) which was resolved by reinstalling the system. its been working fine since (knock on wood) with one exception. i don't know if this is a common problem with ScUMM VM or if it has to do with my transcend 4 gig SD card. I'll be playing (specifically Day of the Tentacle) and it will freeze; meaning the music will stop, the animation will pause and the cursor goes away. It lasts about 1-minute and then resumes. This will happen for every 10-minutes of gameplay.

Is anyone else having this issue? I know that 4-gig cards are inherently slower than 1 or 2 gig but i figured i'd open up some discussion. let me know your thoughts, thanks!

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Post by thatgui »

I remember having the same problem a while ago, it was solved by increasing a cache value. But I'm not sure if it was read/write cache (Tap on the memorycard icon in the upper right corner)

Hope that helps

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Post by The DOK »

This is all conjecture mind you
but i was reading other topics and you said that 4 gb cards are slower so maybe it's the autosave feature.
it autosaves about every 10 minutes so maybe thats your problem
someone said you can disable it in options

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Post by supersocialist »

You can speed up 4GB SD card access by formatting it with a larger block size. It defaults to 4k, I think, and can go up to 32k.

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