Some Questions to the 2006-09-17 test build

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Some Questions to the 2006-09-17 test build

Post by thatgui »

I've tried this build on my TH-55 and it looks good .. for now. But i do have some thoughts:
Indy3 and SamnMax look good as far as i can tell, no crashes what so ever. I also tried Kyrandia(1) but it takes about 1.5 or 2 minutes until the Intro starts. After the Intro the screen goes blank and nothing more happens (at least the next 15 minutes).
The next shot was lure and the intro worked quite well and i can walk around after the intro. But as soon a i try an action (the torch at the eastern wall) the programm crashes with an pointer error in memorymngr.c.

Gobliins seems to work (i just can't figure out how to control this fuzzy headed guy's) but there is no menu like the one in the scummvm - engine (at least not by using the menu button or the jog dial).

Any hint's would be appreciated.
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Post by Wolverine_DH »

With the 0.10.0svn 17.09.2006, i can not control the Volume of Music and FX! Is it a problem in this Version? or is my installation not correct? I use the Frontend!

I have a Palm TX!


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