9-17-06 test on Treo 650--works great!

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9-17-06 test on Treo 650--works great!

Post by supersocialist »

Chrilith, your work is great and your timing is impeccable. The latest test version works great on my Treo 650--I've tested Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 1 so far, and I'm currently loading Sam & Max, Loom, and other talkies on for further testing. I'll ammend this post if I come up with anything useful, but mostly I wanted to say thanks--I've been itching to have this running for a long time now, and now it's fixed just in time for my birthday! Brilliant! :)

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Post by trekkie22 »

It also works great for me with the "traditional" engines, but I found some problems with Gobliins. The game itself works, but its not realls playable on my treo.

I can select one of the characters and they will walk around, but if I try to change into the "usage" mode, the cursor changes into the fist symbol and thats it. I found no way to use something or even to change back (or into another mode if possible for the selected character).

I tried all buttons on my treo but nothing seems to work. I had to soft reset the device to leave ScummVM because I wasn't able to click on the "exit" button.

Anyway, great work and many thanks for it!

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