Palm Zire 71 - Sam & Max Problem

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Palm Zire 71 - Sam & Max Problem

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HI there,

I've recently been having problems after installing the newest ScummVM for my Palm. I tried putting in Sam & Max and running it but after starting up the interface,and saying it's starting up the game I get "Cannot find samnmax.000". Now I've looked in the folder, and the samnmax.000 file is there. My log file says this:

WARNING: Unable to open configuration file: /PALM/Programs/ScummVM/scummvm.ini!
Looking for samnmax
Trying to start game 'Sam & Max'
WARNING: md5_file couldn't open 'samnmax.000'!
Unknown MD5 (787878782573007a7a7a7a7a7a7a7a7a)! Please report the details (language, platform, etc.) of this game to the ScummVM team
(0:0:0x0): Cannot find file: 'samnmax.000'!

I'm using a Zire 71 with OS v.5.2.1, I am trying to run the game that is stored on a 1 GB SD card. At curent run I have 4.3 MB of free space on the palm and 909.2 MB free on the card.

in the samnmax folder on the card are the following files:


My Paths for the game are as follows:

Path: palm\programs\scummvm\games\samnmax
Game: samnmax

I have pocket tunes on my palm and have it enabled.

I'd like to figure out what the priblem is, if someone knows the Palm OS well enough to help that would be great. Thank You.


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