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0.10.0svn test on Tungsten | E

Post by guigs »

I tryed to run DOOT on 0.10.0svn Set 17 2006 on my Tungsten E and during the intro I got:
MemoryMgr.c, Line:2757
MemoryMove to NULL
Also, if I skip intro it crashes with the same error in the begining of the game.
The memory report shows:
Dynamic 1952/2048
Storage 8193/29503
Stack Size -/3
Am I with low memory? How can I increase that? I've instaled UDMH, but it didn't chage those numbers.
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Post by Wolverine_DH »

With the 0.10.0svn 17.09.2006, i can not control the Volume of Music and FX! Is it a problem in this Version? or is my installation not correct? I use the Frontend!

I have a Palm TX!


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Post by jihanj »

The latest version works fantastically on my TE2. Thanks a lot! The last version(Omen) didn't work but this one just works great.
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Post by pi »

Well I can report so far that it (kinda) works on my (german) Palm TX, that is to say I can start the ScummVM games. However, I find myself unable to get any sound out of any of the games. They all stay silent to me. I didn't try any older release yet. But I can say for sure the speaker's working, I just tried some lemmings demo with music & all.

Btw is there any possibility this one will ever have .ogg support? I mean, has Ogg support been ported to PalmOS yet?

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