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Old xbox port

Post by keyser.soze »

Hello everyone,
i recently fall on the old taste for graphic adventure games such broken sword, etc...
can someone pls help me found a port for the OLD xbox??
I read about scummvmx 0.8 but i'm not able to find it,
can you help me!?!?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by Red_Breast »

The info is not too hard to come by. I can't recall how much is on this forum but probably not much. The Xbox version of ScummVM is not officially supported as to compile it you need the XDK (Xbox Dev Kit) which officially should only be in the hands of game developers who have proved to Microsoft that they have a game that Microsoft might be interested in.
You'll find more info at the Xbox-Scene forums than here. If you really have trouble working it out then PM me.
This is the 0.11 announcement.
The last version of ScummVM for Xbox that was circulated was 0.11. The build dates to 24 Dec 2007. Unfortunately even though you still get the odd Xbox release of other emus (I know ScummVM isn't actually an emu) and XBMC builds here and there nobody seems willing to compile a new ScummVM.
Talking of Broken Sword I don't know how familiar you are with ScummVM in general but with the Xbox build being 0.11 you have to set it up using the old method which uses mp3s (or ogg/flac) files. Fortunately the team have kept the downloads of these files on the Downloads page.

You can see all the posts about the Xbox versions easily enough. Select 'search'. Use 'xbox' as a keyword and only search the 'Other Ports' forum. I get 14 matches.

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Post by Maturion »

Sorry to dig up that old topic. As said, the most recent version of the Xbox port is 0.11, which has been released by Carcharius in December 2007. ScummVMx 0.8 is really very old. Due to being made with the official XDK, the port is only available on "the usual places", such as Xbins.

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Post by Stryfe »

Just thought I'd mention that the latest Xbox port isn't "old" anymore.

http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php? ... try4789568

SD only, but hey considering the games being played on it...

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