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Wii version

Post by Scooby »

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a Wii version of Scumm VM up and running? I would've thought the situation would be similar to running it on the DS, except using the Wii's SD card slot? Of course the software has to be properly modified first...

Is there something in the works for this? Think about it, the Wii and DS are perfect platforms for these games.

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Post by clem »

searching the forums for "wii" (geez, that's not too hard, is it?) reveals at least


I haven't been following Wii news too closely, is it even possible to run homebrew in Wii-mode yet? If not, I doubt the ScummVM team will get out of their way to develop an exploit :)

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Post by Kaminari »

Isn't the Wii compatible with (identical to) the Game Cube?

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Post by PsYcO »

Kaminari wrote:Isn't the Wii compatible with (identical to) the Game Cube?
short answer yes

long answer not with the wiimote

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