Savegames and configuration in ScummVM DS

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Savegames and configuration in ScummVM DS

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I have the following:

Nintendo DS Lite
Super Card Lite (Micro SD)
Super Key
Micro SD card (1 GB)

I've done the Zip Method to play MI1, MI2, MM, DOTT, LOOM, INDY3, INDY4 and SAMNMAX
The games works all OK, but when I turn off the DS, the next time I turn it on again I don't find any previously configured game, nor any saved game.
What to do when saving doesn't work or your card gets corrupted -
forcing SRAM Saves

If ScummVM DS cannot save games to your SD card, or it causes corruption
when it does, you can force it to use GBA SRAM to save the game. This
uses your flash cart reader's GBA features to save the game to a .sav or
.dat file (depending on the reader). This is supported on all readers
which can support the Zip method. This means that only slot-2 devices
can use SRAM saves, and only ones with support for GBA games.

If you want to use SRAM save, just create a text file called scummvm.ini
(or scummvmb.ini, scummvmc.ini for builds B or C) in the root of your
card which contains the following:


When you boot your game, ScummVM DS will not save games to your SD card
directly, instead it will save to GBA SRAM. On most cards, you need to
transfer the data to your SD card by rebooting and using your card
reader's boot-up menu. Using this method, around four saves can me made.

One disadvantage of forcing SRAM saves is that your settings won't be
saved. You can add games manually to the ini file so that you don't have
to select them on each boot. Just add a section like the following on
for each game on your card.

description=Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (English/DOS)
I've tried this, but it still don't work. But I don't know if I did it well. Where exactly the scummvm.ini file must be? What exactly the text inside must say? How the whole thing works?
I'm a little confused, a guided step-by-step help will be welcome.
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You'll probably get a quicker answer by posting this query in the Nintendo DS forum rather than the Other Ports forum.
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