PS3 port flickering, mt-32 music...

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PS3 port flickering, mt-32 music...

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Hi there!

I'm having some troubles with the PS3 scummvm port (2.0.0):

1) I'm playing on an old panasonic CRT TV with a SCART cable, so some flickering it's expected, but I think in this case it's too much. Is there any option or way to avoid too much flickerin?

2) I can't manage to activate MT-32 Roland music. I think I've put the required rom archives in their proper path, but the menu doesn't allow me to activate MT-32.

3) The image isn't centered, most of the left part is out of screen. Monkey Island's lefmost verbs can't be seen, for example. Is there any option to adjust the screen?

Thanks a lot!
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