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Post by jt89 »

I am also incredibly interested and would be willing to pay or donate for windows Rt scummvm. Let's do it!
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Post by gold3n »

anyone who tried this one?

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Post by DrMcCoy »

Always "nice" seeing a GPL-violating binary dump of ScummVM on some random website, without linking back to us, without licensing information or source code...
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Post by gold3n »

didnt try it either.
dont have a RT Windows.

if u wish you can remove the link, if u think its harmful.

Virustotal didnt find any suspicion, but i dont know how exactly they search for violent ARM *.exe Files.
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Post by grunger106 »

I think that may have been written by someone who posted on here a couple of months back.

As it works (I believe - I haven't tried) could this be 'legitimised' so that there is no GPL-violation and then published to the store?

Or doesn't it work quite as simply as that?

TBH I saw this a while back and it's SCUMMVM that has me tempted to patch my RT to run unsigned code

However I'm holding out in hope of an official one
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Post by GarethP »

I'm working on it right now. Currently attempting to port the whole project to native C# much akin to the 2012 April fools posting :D

The goal is to get a native C# port and then use that to massage it into something that is compatible with the app store. It's early days yet, I'm still working on the core scummvm project and even if/when I get that done there are still all the engines to port.
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Post by grunger106 »

Just wondering if you / anyone was still working on this?
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Post by vorob »

Hello, i'm here with the same question. I'm a happy owner of windows 10 tablen onda v919 air ch. So i'v got touch screeen and would like to play classic quests. Any chance for touchscreen support?
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Post by LegendforHire »

Vorob, there is a Windows Store app of ScummVM available.

Just open the Windows App Store and search for ScummVM.

I do believe that this is not an official port and so may not work correctly. I haven't tried it out much myself, but the touch seems to work perfectly. Tap for left click, hold for right click. Snag is that you might not be able to bring up the menu without a keyboard.

Check it out, it might suit you.

I'm still waiting for a best of both worlds option. Loving the desktop software, but would like good touchscreen support.

EDIT -- Just found the forum topic where this port is discussed.
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