Xbox Scummvm 1.4.1 Released

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Xbox Scummvm 1.4.1 Released

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A600 wrote:What's new:

- Updated to ScummVM 1.4.1 (check the NEWS file for the changes)
- Source code clean-up. Xbox specific code moved to its own files.
- Xbox 360 port (check README-XBOX360.txt for more info)
- Added command line support. This is a .cut example for XBMC:

<label>Lands of Lore</label>
<thumb>Lands of Lore.png</thumb>

<game></game> must contain the game-id for the game you want to launch.
The game-id is the name between brackets from the scummvm.ini file.
Released a couple weeks back, I thought I'd let people know about this.

Many thanks go out to A600 for this update, and for the command line launching (UnleashX, and Xbmc4xbox users) support!

Downloads can be found at the usual places.
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Will you release version 1.5.0?
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