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Post by Napalmtree »

Yo Brah!

I was like curious if you could like port this onto my stove.
I like to cook things and think the point and click action would be super rad ass like in one of my pans when I'm cooking breakfast with my spatula. I melted my phone into it if that helps at all. I LOVE talking to my stove. I'd love to beat Sam & Max again and hopefully if your SCI2 ever gets around to it conquer Shadows of Darkness good n proper once in for all, on my stove.

Thanks magical wizard game duders!
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Post by sev »

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately you have to develop some patience, as stoves are not very high in our list. The reason is that the developers prefer to start their day with good portion of ScummVM, thus majority of resources are put into porting to a toaster (the games will run in monochrome mode).

However, as always, patches are welcome if you want to get things speed up.

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Post by Red_Breast »


Actually I do have a vague memory of Doom being ported to one of those fridges that have an interface years ago.
If ScummVM did come to fridges at least there's a chance you'll be in the same room as the stove (kitchen) so you won't have to move far from it! :)
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Post by Laserschwert »

Does this mini stove count?
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