N64 images not booting in emulators

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N64 images not booting in emulators

Post by Who'sThere »


I was wondering if there was something specific needed to make the N64 port images boot in an emulator?

I used the ucon64 method to prepare the cart image, but I get some indefinite loop error when I try to load it in any N64 emulators.

Is the current wiki method only accurate for N64 copier carts only?
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Post by hkzlab »

Hello, i haven't been able to find a single emulator running my N64 port decently.

Most of the time it's because some opcodes generated by gcc aren't recognized by the cpu interpreter inside the emulators, other times i had problems with the framebuffer support. So the port is supported on real consoles only, at least for now.

If you want to exclude human error on your part, inside the latest scummvm n64 package (1.3.1) there is a ready made rom with a few demos in it. I tested this image on my console so i'm sure it's a working one.
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