PS3 - Duckman crashes

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PS3 - Duckman crashes

Post by gradius3 »

Other games for the new 2.1.0 release on the PS3 are working fine. But I do have a big issue with Duckman. :cry:

The game always hangs after the rocket explodes right at the start of the intro after starting a new game; the music plays on and on btw. I just took the data folder contents.

Can anyone confirm the game plays fine on the PS3??? Not sure if the problem is on my end.
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Re: PS3 - Duckman crashes

Post by Tsomi »


For what it's worth, I've submitted a fix for this. There was indeed a problem, but it now works on my PS3.

It should be playable with a PS3 "ScummVM latest" snapshot build here, but please wait a few days before the PS3 snapshots work again:
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