Final Attempt

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Final Attempt

Post by miseryguts »

I am newcomer to the PSP port of ScummVM, but after 2 weeks of trying to get it to run am about to give up - just thought i would present my issues here in case any kind soul could offer a solution.
I am running 5.50 GEN-B (Full) on a PSP slim, and cannot get ScummVM to find any games regardless of what directory they are placed in, do the games need to be renamed, zipped, unzipped, in sub-folders, in same folder as ScummVM ?? (tried placing in game 150 folder, crashes upon launch) also tried placing games in specific named "Game" folder within ScummVM.
Yes i do have the ScummVM psp slim version - and have followed various tutorials on you tube etc, still with no joy.
Any suggestions or help, would be greatly appreciated
Thanks to anyone taking the time.

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Post by Bluddy »

One step at a time.

Can you get ScummVm itself to run? It won't work in the 150 folder -- it needs to be in the GAME or GAME4XX or similar folder.

Also, which version of ScummVm are you trying to run? The Subversion build works slightly differently than 1.0.0.

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