Tell SONY to distribute SCUMMVM freely from PSP Network!!!!!

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Tell SONY to distribute SCUMMVM freely from PSP Network!!!!!

Post by Atrus »

It is a fact that:

- Some people don't want to hack their PSPs.

- Some people can't hack their PSPs (eg. the 3000)

But still, SCUMMVM is an amazing program and many people would love to have it on their PSP.

Is there anybody out there who shares my thought of sending a request to SONY to distribute it freely through its official PSP Network? It's not a crazy idea, believe me. Sony is giving emphasis to the distribution and promotion of new games/software through the network as you all know. I personally use it and download stuff from it, even buy games. They might even like the idea, as it's an anti-piracy act.

Scummvm for PSP should not be homebrew anymore - make it an official download, you have nothing to lose, only gain.

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Post by fingolfin »

I am doubtful that Sony would agree to doing such a thing (their lawyers would be scared that e.g. LucasArts/Atari might sue them). Moreover, even if they agreed to it, I am not sure whether their terms would be compatible with the GPL.

But of course it wouldn't hurt if you asked them anyway.

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Post by guybrush376 »

You don't really need to hack your PSP, there's a program out there called Half-Byte Loader. It runs programs that would usually require a hacked PSP, but all you need to do is copy some files to your GAME and root directories (it comes with instructions)

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Post by MrPunchy »

PSP 3000 can be hacked easily.

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