(PSP) In What Folder, do you put your games in?

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(PSP) In What Folder, do you put your games in?

Post by C0deHunter »

I am running the latest version for my FAT Classic PSP, and I need to know in what folder do I need to copy my games images?

When I launch ScummVM, it does not show any games (when I browse for them that is)

Any help is really appreciated.

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Post by tecmanpr »

In the memory stick of your psp, you can create a Directory in the root and you can name it scumm game, there you can drop all the games you have and then in the emulator look for that directory to select the game you want to add to the scumm list.
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Post by omaer94 »

Not sure if it works on an old psp but you can put the games in any directory of your psp but it is better to put all game folders in one folder.
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Post by guybrush376 »

It can be any folder as far as I'm concerned, you just need to find that folder when adding games to SCUMMVM.
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