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PSP Slim ScummVM Compatibility

Post by Shady515 »

I couldn't find a PSP compatability list so I decided to make one...

I'm currently running ScummVM 0.10.0 on a Slim PSP fw 2.71M33
and the only games I can get running at all are:

Indiana Jones/Atlantis
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2
Sam & Max HTR
Maniac Mansion
Day Of the Tentacle
Simon the Sorcerer
Zak McKraken
King's Quest 1 through 4
Police Quest 1 through 3

If there are more games known to be working on PSP with this current version of ScummVM (0.10.0)then feel free to post and tell.

On a side note I have been trying to get my King's Quest collection running and have had absolutely no luck, along with the Space Quest and Police Quest series...The error message states it cannot find a game in the specified folder. I clearly made a seperate folder for each individual game and I just don't get it...Is it because they are Sierra?
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Post by Noelemahc »

Don't forget, ScummVM supports only AGI games by Sierra. That meants Space Quest 1 and 2, King's Quest 1 to 4, Police Quest 1 ... And the original, EGA versions at that, not the VGA remakes. That's the trick, see? Only the really old stuff.

The newer games use the SCI engine, which is the reason for the heated debate in the Junkyard forums.
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Post by Shady515 »

Oh. That does explain a lot...Thanks
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Post by alexfont »

I've try so far Broken Sword 1 and its running well. I have a slim with cfw 3.71 m33-3.
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Post by Jinx1337 »

As far as I know every single game that works on latest scummvm stable release works on the PSP. Including Broken Swords with some hassle with cutscenes.
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