I just Meet the ScummVM & i got very big problem!!!

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I just Meet the ScummVM & i got very big problem!!!

Post by Simulacrum »

Well i just meet the scummvm and i saw many topics about :
Psp System version & Firmware

so i checked my ver it says 3.40 of at the beginning it was 2.71 but my big brother updated from sony site.

so i downloaded scummvm-0.9.1-psp ofc it did not worked.

i saw i have to downgrade my psp system. But i dunno how to !!!

at least i need to downgrade from 3.40 to 2.71 for play scummvm games.

if you gonna say there is no downgrader from 3.40 to 2.71

i say check here :

http://www.youtubeindir.com/izle__psp-3 ... iF7vE.html

and sorry i need really clear explaination about decrasing my system ver and installing and make them work in my psp scummvm and those games.

i have org games but i cant play :(

i hope ppl anwer fast couse i really wanna play The Dig or Full Throttle in my psp.


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Post by df »

3.40 OE-A is not what you have. you have 3.40. You cant downgrade from 3.40.

basically, your now stuck and you cant play scummvm on psp right now.

3.40 is not the same as 3.40 OE-A

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