Monkey 1 - Problems unlocking the Safe

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Monkey 1 - Problems unlocking the Safe

Post by Louis »

I dont know if this is a known issue or not, but im having serious problems unlocking the safe partway through the game. Its the part where you ask the shopkeeper to get a credit note for you out of the Safe, then get rid of the shopkeeper by telling him to go and find the swordmaster. I learnt the comination, but im unable to open the safe because each time i try i cant get the lever to go the direction i want it to. I've been using the push/Pull functions from the bottom of the screen...what am i doing wrong?

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Post by Herrscher »

I never played on PSP (or saw a real PSP, for that matter), but if I remember correctly from good ole DOS times, it does matter on which side relative to the pivot axis you click.

So, on left side
push -> clockwise
pull -> counter-cw

on right side it's the other way round.

For going from "lever-down" clockwise to "lever-right", you'd need LEFT-PUSH, LEFT-PUSH, RIGHT-PULL or something.

But could also be that memory doesn't serve me well... :roll: 8)

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