PSP 2.50 + GTA loader = 0.9.0 not working!

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PSP 2.50 + GTA loader = 0.9.0 not working!

Post by Xi0N »

I have a 2.50 PSP, and untillnow, i got all the games running in the old scummvm versions... i deleted the config files, but saved the savegames....
I copyed the 2.xx version to the game forder, i booted my PSP and entered the eLoader menu through the savegame of the fanjita's loader (just like everybody does) and when i start scumm, it crashes.
I also tryed with the 1.50 version, and still the same...

Can anybody help me? i really want to go on playing this games in my PSP :cry:

Thanks all for the help u can provide me
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Post by kraft »

the same happend with me, joostp said in another topic that it will be the eloaders fault, you should go and use the previous cersion of scummvm which is what im doing now as it works, a new eloader will be released soon that could fix the problems for it, so jsut use a previous version of scummvm until the new release of eloader
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