Ok I'm lost

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Ok I'm lost

Post by geralde.givens »

I have the cd version of "the secret of monkey island" and I saw that I had to encode the music to a different format right?

Well I used windows media player to rip the music but how am I supposed to encode the music to .ogg, for it to work?

And then do I just stick everything in one folder, so confused
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Post by digitall »

The CD version of TSoMI had the music as CD Audio tracks on the CD in addition to the CD-ROM data track with the games files.

Just mount the CD-ROM part and copy the required datafiles as per:
http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Dataf ... and.2C_The

Then you need to rip the CD audio tracks to say MP3 as track1.mp3, track2.mp3 ... track10.mp3, track11.mp3 etc. and place in the same folder as those datafiles.

You can do this with OGG or other formats if your version of ScummVM supports those audio formats, but MP3 would be fine.

Then just point ScummVM's "Add Game" button at that folder and it should detect the game. Hit "Start Game" on that and if the MP3 / OGGs are correct, it should run with Music...
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