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ScummVM 1.7.0 PSP Port

Post by zekepliskin »

ScummVM PSP 1.7.0 is available for download here for those interested.
Release Notes
6th March 2015 - 1.7.0 Version - Windows, Android, Pandora + PSP Builds

After skipping 2014 entirely as far as this project goes, I've now ported everything over to 1.7.0 and done some new builds. As ever they have had basic testing only but appear to be working ok. The exception is the PSP which isn't recognising Kyrandia engine games - I notice there is no official 1.7.0 version for PSP yet so there may be other issues I'm unaware of.
Many thanks to developer Richard Pickles for this - I couldn't see the link on his Pix website so I emailed him and was promptly provided with a direct link, which I'm sharing here, as well as updating the appropriate page so it can be downloaded there too.

I was having problems with Curse lagging/crashing a lot, which this version appears to solve (still lags a bit but much less, didn't crash at all unlike 1.4.1 version), also tested with LOOM talkie (converted CD audio track to OGG, plays fine no delays), Steel Sky is perfect start to finish, gonna test it with Simon 1 and Amazon Queen at some point too. As a side note the tracking of PSP's analogue stick seems tighter on this 1.7.0 version too, a nice bonus.

As this port dates from March 2015 it's quite recent and proves there's still a bit of life left in the old PSPs yet... I'd take this version over the Android and DS ones for portable gaming, personally. He informs me it might break a couple of games, to quote from his email: "there may be issues with some games that I'm not aware of as I didn't spend much time trying it out." The few I've tried are fine though, using a blue PSP-3004 with extended battery pack.
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Post by DrMcCoy »

Just for the record, Pix's ScummVM site would be this here: (needs JavaScript for the navigation), and there's also the full corresponding source with the changes (which are mostly about audio, it seems): ... .0-pix.rar. :)
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Post by rsn8887 »

There's no need to download pix version. There's an official version.

The official ScummVM buildbot offers a perfectly functional ScummVM 1.7.0 stable version for download here

Just click on "latest stable version link" for PSP, and you will get a 1.7.0 version. The exact link is this: ... est.tar.xz

I tested it this morning, and even the Kyrandia games work perfectly fine. There's a beta version (latest development build) but I didn't test that. Keep in mind the PSP port does not support flac compression AFAIK, but it supports ogg.
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