What is my best bet I want to do this? PSP 2000?

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What is my best bet I want to do this? PSP 2000?

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I was about to buy a 3000 but read that the 2000 had better visual quality for the scummvm. I don't really care how new my PSP is. I just want it to play Playstation games and to load it with scummvm so I can play games like Curse of Monkey Island.

What is the best choice? Would PSP 1000 play games smoothly and give me what I'm after? Or should I go for something higher like 2000. As an added bonus watching movies on the PSP and listening to music sounds like a good time too.

Do I need to buy a memory card to play games on the console? Thanks.
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best bet

Post by sawyer007 »

believe it or not the psp go has 16gb of memory built in. so 4 homebrew thats the best bet,and gamestop has used ones 4 about 60$ so y buy a 8gb mem card for 40$ when u get 16 and a system for 60$. ihave 3go's and a 3000. the only difference is a file can b ef0:/(internal) and ms0/: (mem card)
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