1.5.0 PSP port release date

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no talk 4 4 days, what i scare everyone away?
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Post by LordHoto »

We have a daily build of the PSP port over here. It uses dynamic plugins, since otherwise some games are likely to run out of memory.

If you build your version without --enable-plugins and --default-dynamic it might be more likely to work. But as I said already it's also more likely that some games won't work due to out of memory issues.

At any rate it would be nice to hear how you managed to build a working PSP build. So what parameters did you pass to configure? What gcc, binutils etc. versions are you using?
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Sawyer, i was testing with your PSP Scummvm only Blue Force, well the game runs but sometimes crash in the introduccion and gameplay. Didn't test in other games still.
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