Myst: Masterpiece Edition performance

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Myst: Masterpiece Edition performance

Post by McKnallski »

I´ve tested the MYst Masterpiece Edition and the Original Myst Version on the PSP Port of ScummVM (latest Daily Build).

The Classic Myst Version is running fine.

But the Myst: Masterpiece edition is running very bad.
ScummVM needs to load 20 Seconds for each Picture (or scene). So it is not really playable.

As I know the Myst: Masterpiece Edition uses JPEG compression for Pictures. Maybe the Media Engine of the PSP can boost the Loading Speed of JPEG files?

I am not sure, if the compression is the Problem. But the light of the memory stick is not flashing all the Time, while Loading. Just in the beginning.
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Post by tsoliman »

That makes sense because it isn't supported (yet)
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