Lady needs help!

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Lady needs help!

Post by kerriekoekie »


I know this might have been posted before, but bare with me since i'm a total noob in this. I want to play Day Of The Tentacle on my PSP, firmware version 6.37. This cannot be done I take it. So how do I fix it so I can. Pls help and explain as simple as possible. Also, I guess I have to downgrade the thing, will that have any consequences for playing new UMD games?

Thank you! :D

Kerriekoekie from Holland
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Post by hkzlab »

Sadly, no jailbreak/console hacking discussion here. I advise you to look on some PSP scene websites: there are easy ways to run homebrew code on your PSP, and in your case it doesn't even require a downgrade.

Good luck!

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Post by JonWW »

Is it possible to "sign" ScummVM using PSCRYPTER?
Bluddy wrote:Signing doesn't work with ScummVM because of the way we do the plugins. Or more precisely, to make the plugins work we have to use non-relocatable code, and signing doesn't work with that.

It's possible to change the way the plugins work, but it's a LOT of work for a very small audience. With HBL and custom firmwares easily available, it just doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. Not to mention that I currently don't have the time to put into making such a change. Sorry.
I didn't see this before I asked...
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