ToonStruck on PSP Crash. Latest DEV Build

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ToonStruck on PSP Crash. Latest DEV Build

Post by JohnnyPhantom »

Hey everyone.

I almost got ToonStruck working on my PSP.
I've tried this on both a 5.00M33-6 CFW PSP and a 6.37 OFW psp using HBL. same results each time.

I got ScummVM installed and working great on the PSP, Toonstruck Copied to the Memory Stick and the Toon.Dat file copied over as well. Intro works great, game works great. I can talk to the Footman no problem. But as soon as I go to the lower right room of the castle where the Professor, Bricabrac is, the music still plays, no other sound, screen goes black. and stays there. Any ideas? or is the PSP version of ScummVM not ready for this game as much as the PC ScummVM is?
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Post by Bluddy »

Sorry it took this long -- I've been busy.

Try tomorrow's build. This problem should be fixed, although ToonStruck really pushes the limits of the PSP's memory.
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