General MIDI SoundFont support

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General MIDI SoundFont support

Post by swit »

The vita port has disabled MT-32 emulation due to high CPU overhead of this feature. I'm wondering if the same performance hit affects General MIDI SoundFont implementation from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14541
FatBoy SoundFont weights 300+MB, so from what I understand it's not really an emulation but full instrumental sound samples package.

I've checked options in the vita port (latest SVN version) and following settings are not present:
Audio -> Preferred Device -> FluidSynth

Midi -> GM Device -> FluidSynth

If implementing it is possible on Vita without breaking the framerate I'd like to request this feature.
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Re: General MIDI SoundFont support

Post by MAN-biker »

Me too!
Or better is include support of "Pix's hacks" (to replace MIDI with OGG-tracks).
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Re: General MIDI SoundFont support

Post by rsn8887 »

There is no port of the fluidsynth library for the Vita. I don't think anybody is working on it either, since it has a lot of dependencies AFAIK.
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