Need help with ScummVM and Broken Sword 2

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Need help with ScummVM and Broken Sword 2

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Gotta a problem with starting Broken Sword 2 with ScummVM. I have downloaded zipped files of a Broken Sword 2 from [CENSORED]. When i unzipped these files in to my D: drive and tried to start the system with ScummVM, there comes this screen Add Game and then I should choose the directory from this list: A:, C:, D:, E:, G: and H:. I try to choose D:, because it's the directory where i have my Broken Sword 2 folder and files. But there only comes this line: ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory.

I really dont understand what i have done wrong or HAVEN'T done yet right, I checked every files and got every file that needed but still no score. I am rookie with this whole ScummVM but still want to make it work cause i loved BS1 and wanna play BS2 so please help meee! THANX!

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You just violated rule #0 (no warez)...