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Post by bobdevis »

The Ziptag site gives me the "harmful site" warning in Chrome. Just saying...
On the other hand, ALZip looks harmless enough.
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Post by Morden »

I got that, too, but I went in with all shields up, and nothing happened, so I figured it's either a false positive, or, if they have forums, someone might have posted potentially harmful links or embeds. The latter is the case with most legit sites suddenly displaying the warning.

Either way, the software seems legit. It can be found on Softpedia, if anyone's worried about the warning. It scored high in their review as well, so if everything else fails, it's worth a try.
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Post by clone2727 »

Somehow, I highly doubt that all the game's resources would just be in BinHex format with no README to guide nor an installer when the game comes on three floppy disks. I really don't think they are just BinHex files - especially since they're Mac formatted disks and BinHex files take up more room than the original files.
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Post by criezy »

If I am not not mistaken, the icon is the one used for Compact Pro compressed files. Although from what I remember it was using a different one for self extracting archives.
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