Enabling Monkey Island's MIDI music

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Enabling Monkey Island's MIDI music

Post by Kisdra »

It may sound weird for some, but here's the point. I've got different versions of Secret of Monkey Island (PC english floppy/ french CD, Amiga, SegaCD, Mac, Atari ST), 3 of them are working great with OGG or MP3 music (PC CD, SegaCD and Amiga), and one only with its native digital music, the Mac version.

For Mac, Amiga, and french PC CD versions, I wanted to have the MIDI soundtrack during the game, but for those which use the MP3/OGG there's no music at all when I put the .ogg and .mp3 files out of the folder, and for the Mac version, still the digital music.

I tried to look at the ScummVM Preferences file, and I noticed the guioption=sndnoMIDI under each part dedicated to the different versions. I tried to remove it, but no change in ScummVM, and when I get back to my preferences file, sndnoMIDI is here again.

So as you may have guessed, my question is : is there a way to switch to MIDI music even when it's not enabled by default, or does it depend of the version of the game, and ScummVM can do nothing for it ?
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Post by fingolfin »

Some game variants (such as the PC CD version of Monkey Island) contain no MIDI data at all, hence it is not possible to "activate" it, either.
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

Sounds like none of the versions you have have any MIDI soundtracks in them. The only two versions with a MIDI soundtrack in them are the EGA and VGA DOS disk versions (both with words instead of pictures for inventory). And no digital sound effects.
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Post by raina »

I see "English floppy" in that list there. Shouldn't that work?
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Post by Kaminari »

Assuming by "PC english floppy", Kisdra means the PC EGA version, his answer might be found on the ScummVM compatibility page:

"The Roland update from LucasArts is required for MIDI support in the EGA version."

Note: MIDI support in Monkey Island is optimized for Roland MT-32 synthesizers. ScummVM can convert the music for you as General MIDI, but don't expect to hear the real thing if all you got is the Microsoft software synth.
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