Broken Sword CORRUPTED Save Games *solved*

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Thanks. I appreciate that.

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Bless you! I first used the old savegames, but they could not be detected, these ones do! :mrgreen:

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i had as simliar problem with bs1......after my first save, i would never allow me to i downloaded scumm mv, and saved the save file from the link posted above...and i can open and play it thru scumm, however i cant play it full screen as scumm wont let me expand the box.....

any ideas guys?? thanx

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themagicbus142 wrote: i cant play it full screen as scumm wont let me expand the box.....
Alt-enter should work (check the readme, there's loads of other useful stuff in there too).

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Post by leandroribeiro »

I've downloaded these save files, but I can't run them. I'm using the Sold-Out version of Broken Sword.

So, by parts:

1) If I make a save, it creates two files: SAVEGAME.000 and SAVEGAME.inf

2) If I them rename sword1.000 to SAVEGAME.000 and then try to load it, it crashes (segmentation fault).

3) If I just load the game with all the files in the save games dir, It shows me nothing when I try to restore.

I'm using the latest ScummVM with Ubuntu. Any ideas?


It turns out that I was using ScummVM 0.11 and the savegame files where made in ScummVM 0.13.

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