Secret of Monkey Island 1 Crash

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Secret of Monkey Island 1 Crash

Post by georgeLucas »

Hi everyone!
I have a big problem with The Secret of Monkey Island 1.
I am playing MI1 with the ScummVM 0.12.0 engine on
Windows XP. After I have completed Part 2 of the game and
Part 3 starts with the blue message on the screen, the
game crashes and the scumm debugger is started. I get the
ERROR: (20:104:0x161): (IM00) Not found in 0...
illegal block len -638386156
I may type exit to return to the game, but scummvm is finished immediately afterwards.
Could anyone POSSIBLY help me?!
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Post by Longcat »

The most obvious answer would be corrupt datafiles, Try copying the game from your original media again.
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Post by wfeltmate »

we require a 5th monkey island before we offer any more help Mr. Lucas XP
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Same problem

Post by Master_LUKE »


Im running ScummVM via Kubuntu 8.04 and I have the same problem.

I've tried various sources of MI-1 files, but all of them show the same error.

There is another topic describing this problem, but I can't find any help at the provided FAQ-link.

Could anybody provide help?
bg Master_LUKE
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Re: Same problem

Post by md5 »

Master_LUKE wrote:I've tried various sources of MI-1 files, but all of them show the same error.
"Various sources"?
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