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Re: Midi

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tempestmichael wrote:It would be copyright infringement to use the songs commercially. You wouldn't be able to collect songwriter's royalties on them so it wouldn't be worth the time and effort.
If it were that easy to steal music and make money off of somebody else's work, I'd quit.
Believe me I know, because if this weren't the case
I would be selling that chrono trigger cover to my music library.
It's okay to cover a song, but you'll never make royalties off of it unless you add a new part or something.
I guess I should have been more specific.
That's awful that WMP won't let you do something so simple.
Maybe there's another program.
I mean, I could go through all of the trouble of putting this through pro tools, but I have actual commercial music to work on so it's not happening.
WinAmp has a disk-writer output plugin that outputs the audio stream of any file played to a WAV file of your specification. Easiest way to convert anything.
There's got to be a program that lets you export to MP3/WAV from midi. It's too simple of a thing to do to be so much trouble.
It's not simple. MIDI files don't actually have any audio in them. It's all musical note and instrument patch data which is interpreted and sent to a MIDI output device to handle the actual audio. You cannot simply convert a MIDI to a digital audio stream. Like I said earlier, you can use Winamp's disk writer plugin to output whatever audio stream it's playing, but that may only work with using the DirectSound MIDI Synthesizer driver. I'm not sure it would work with anything else.
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