I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream postchapter cutscenes cut

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I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream postchapter cutscenes cut

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I'm running the Debian Lenny AMD64 packaged version of ScummVM, which is at 0.11.1.

I'm playing through IHNMAIMS, but at the end of each character's story, the cut-scenes showing the character back in a cage with an AM voiceover appear to be being cut short. I know how the AM speeches should end because I bought the official cluebook at the same time. It's also quite apparent, because the cut scenes end so abruptly and I'm returned to the screen where I can pick a new character. This has happened at the end of both the Ted and Ellen sub-sections that I've finished.

Has anyone else experienced this? If I build from the latest svn release, has this issue been reported / fixed (assuming it isn't a bug in the original game?)?

If this hasn't been reported before, I'll try building with the latest source and submitting a bug report.

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Post by wfeltmate »

First thing you should do is upgrade the version of scummvm you are using. There should be a .deb of version 0.12.0 or you can compile it from the svn.

I would suggest the svn myself, as it is (obviously) the most up to date version, and even though it is unsupported/unofficial I have never had any issue running any of the builds.
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