Monkey Island 1 crashes

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Monkey Island 1 crashes

Post by Sordid »

I get a strange error with the PC CD Version of Monkey Island 1 (with CD audio). After the dialog with the old man in the beginning I get the following error message:

"unknown screen effect, 12"

Then the game crashes. I definitetly know that I coul play the game with an older scumm version...

I copied the files from the original cd, no warez!

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Post by Kirben »

Are you sure it is the PC version? as that particular screen effect is FM TOWNS specific.

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Post by media2 »

I have the same error, but I know I have the fm-towns version. Is there any possibility to play it with the dreamcast port (like setting the platform to fm-towns)?

I see the same effect on the PC-Version as long as I don't manually change the plattform from "default" to "fm-towns"

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