Sam and Max - Pauses during opening cut scene! Help!

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Sam and Max - Pauses during opening cut scene! Help!

Post by handy_29 »

I grew up playing the LucasArts games, so I was thrilled to find ScummVM. Most of the games I have tried work fine (Loom, DOTT, Monkey Island, Full Throttle).

But when I play Sam & Max Hit the Road (CD version), the game won't advance past the opening cut scene, specifically the part when Sam & Max drive away with the decapitated head of the scientist, leaving the girl tied to the chair. The game is not frozen, as the music still plays and the skull still flashes, but it just won't continue past this point. It just loops and loops...

I have tried the game numerous times and it always stops on the same point. I have no idea what to do, does anyone know what is wrong or how to fix it? Thanks...

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Post by clem »

Which ScummVM version are you using? (OS, Version)
Can't you just push Esc to skip the intro?

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Post by Arantor »

I'd suggest copying the game from the CD to your hard-drive and playing from there. It sounds a bit like the script is having trouble progressing, which might be due to a dirty disc or CD drive.

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