Broken sword1 Problem. Help, please!

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Broken sword1 Problem. Help, please!

Post by bside7 »

I'm using scummvm v0.8 for play broken sword 1.
The game works fine until I reached 'Villa de Vasconcellos'.
In the house of tomb, game crushes right after the countess calls lopez for chessboard.
I assume that the chess minigame will appear next, but scummvm crushes after cutscene.
I tried another version of scummvm, it crushes same part.
I think the savefile of right after chess minigame might help me,
but probably difficult to find.
Is anyone could help this mess?
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Post by lavosspawn »

Not sure what could possible cause it.
First of all, you should make sure that all your files were correctly copied and that there are no read errors from cd.
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