How to set talkspeed in scummvm.ini

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How to set talkspeed in scummvm.ini

Post by losparasitos »

Hi there, I wonder how to setup talkspeed correctly in the scummvm.ini file. I tried to add the line

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but nothing changes, I also tried values between 0-10 and 0-100 but it seems like that doesnt have any effect. The Text Speed is always set to 3/4 of the maximum value if I start a game (Savegames save last state of Talkspeed). Can somebody please post the right syntax to add in the scummvm.ini ?

I use Scummvm 0.8.0, thx alot!!!

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Post by frank_m24 »


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is correct. I'm not sure, if it works for all games, but at least for the scumm games this should be sufficient. I think the range is from 0 up to 10, the lower the faster.

But you have also the possibility to change the text speed with Keys now. Use -/+ in order to make text slower/faster. Have a look at the readme for details.

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