ScummVM not working...

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ScummVM not working...

Post by HailandKill »

Ok, I've tried many versions of ScummVM to no avail, the all seem to have the same problem.

It's hard to describe, so HERE (you'll have to download it, sorry) is a picture of what happens as soon as I open the program. This is before I've loaded any Scumm games into it, I don't get the chance. If I move the mouse into the window one 'block' will refresh and appear in about 1-2 minutes, the actual menu seem to work, but VERY slowly. You can't see the pointer move and cannot easily navigate the menus, if you do, it's by luck.


I'm running it on a DELL Inspiron 2200 laptop

1.5GHz Intel Celeron Processor
760Mb RAM

XP [SP2]

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Post by Kirben »

This problem has been reported before, and is caused by a system specific issue.

Try the suggestions in older thread at viewtopic.php?t=110

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