Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (Win-De)

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Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (Win-De)

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ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory...

Original Title : Fritzi Fisch 2 und Das Flossengespenst
System : Windows
Language : German

md5 sums :
made by MD5/SHA1 checksum generator/checker v0.2b for Total Commander

d68916166bf7da33c64a29b4d9a0e6fc *FRITZI2.(A)
ff48378567dc0e593036af46b22ba761 *FRITZI2.BMP
0fb226dcdd09aaa48dd77925c467d1cd *FRITZI2.D32
4f5a7f427ba4639ff04f9b1deb661114 *FRITZI2.EXE
9c0ee9c252785e9fca0143e42ac4b256 *FRITZI2.HE0
d2674bbacf20632b13ec5503e147eaef *FRITZI2.HE2
2963a17a1eb16993f86f676e6e708665 *FRITZI2.HE4
7e28832bea58cfb4f6d32f2696b2e615 *FRITZI2.HLP
0157360e4688193c0418aa6ba87ec34f *FRITZI2.ICO
ec65c021b5b549d606693bd9411845c8 *FRITZI2.INF
c40fd882df085f626ae1bb04e16d8bef *FRITZI2.W32
de58d55d1ca9d7e1e1fc81aacfc8baa2 *JA-AD.PCX
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