Music from Moneky island 1 Cd (french version)

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Music from Moneky island 1 Cd (french version)

Post by Laskov »


Are you the possibility of placing at the disposal the audio file for Monkey island 1 version CD on your website. Indeed Certain version of this game as the French version are deprived of the musics to the format CD-audio (it is the case for example of the French version of the pack monkey island 1/2/3)

Thank you

(sorry for the bad english i am used a translator)

Original french version of the text:

Avez vous la possibilité de mettre à disposition les fichier audio du jeu Monkey island 1 version CD sur votre site.

En effet Certaine version de ce jeu comme la version française sont dépourvue des musiques au format CD-audio ( c'est la cas par exemple de la version française du pack monkey island 1/2/3)

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Post by fac »

I think that is not possible. Look to the rules:
sev wrote: 0) No Warez. No Abandonware discussions. Links to content of a questionable nature, asking for, offering, or asking for help/helping to process such content in any way or form is not tolerated. No, it's not okay to request parts of a game either, even if you already own another version of it, or to replace damaged media.
But i can say that The Lucasarts Museum Forum had all FM-Towns soundtracks. If you can find them, your problem is solved.
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Post by clem »

if you have the originals and you have monkey 1 without CD audio (means you have the floppy version?), CD audio wouldn't play anyway

just my guess though
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Post by Laskov »

Only the first monkey island 1 are the music in CDDA track.

The other version (the collector for exemple) are not the music (thank Ubisoft)

ps: Ubisost are the editor of the french version....

I am tested the cd with different cdda reader and cdda ripper and my hifi... the cd are only one track :(
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Post by fingolfin »

Most versions of Monkey Island simply do not *have* music in the form of audio CD tracks. Even if you get copies of those tracks from somewhere else -- they won't do you any good!
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